OM Κουτί οροφής εσωτερικού χώρου



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OM Κουτί οροφής εσωτερικού χώρου για OM2P-LC, OM2P-HS και OM5P

This tiny, tool-free outdoor enclosure has been designed to allow most (OM2P-HS, OM2P-LC and OM5P) OM Series access points to mount to any wall or ceiling surface, with only the lights showing through. It can attach to 9/16″ and 15/16″ drop ceiling rails, and can also be mounted on any solid wall or ceiling using the enclosed mount. The enclosure adjusts to three heights tool-free and is best powered with PoE, as there is no space inside the enclosure for a power supply.

To install on a drop ceiling, simply use the correct clips for either 9/16″ or 15/16″ drop ceiling rails, clip them in at your preferred height, add an access point and clip into place.

To install on a standard ceiling or wall, attach the 15/16″ clips to the case and secure the included mount to the ceiling or wall. Drop in an access point and clip the case into place. Watch the video below for detailed installation instructions.

Διαστάσεις: D=3.3 to 4.5cm (1.3-1.8″), W=15.9cm round ( 6.25″)

Προσοχή: Δεν είναι συμβατό με το OM2P λόγω της εξωτερικής κεραίας.